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About us

At Inspired Coaching provide customised leadership coaching and business coaching programmes designed to guide business leaders through a personal transformational process. We use coaching and self development techniques to reposition leaders to a place of:

  • emotional wellness
  • improved self awareness
  • leadership style confidence
  • impact

Through our coaching programmes, we enable leaders to develop more integrated and evolved business models with higher performing financial, social and environmental returns. 

Meet Karen Shaw - Founder of Inspired Coaches

My name is Karen Shaw, a Leadership and Business Coach, and Founder of Inspired Coaches.

I offer tailored coaching packages for business managers interested in developing a more evolved business model and integrated systems approach, in particular, for social entrepreneurs, social enterprises and those working in the field of social venture capital. 

If you operate in any of the following sectors I would love to talk:

  • healthcare
  • finance
  • community development 
  • environmental technology
Karen Shaw




More about Karen Shaw

I attended university in the UK and Australia and with a background in environmental policy and law, I worked for different types of organisations including think-tanks, academic research organisations, NGO’s and corporates. I enjoyed the challenge of integrating new ideas and ways of  thinking into existing business models and systems.  I also completed an MBA and studied integrated social business models.

In my mid-thirties, I  started a family in Nottingham. My daughter was born with hip dysplasia and my father’s health was poor so I adjusted to motherhood full time. Roll on 5 years later,  and I had no idea how to pick up my old career!

Having spent so much time out of work with children, I opted to try out education.  I trained to become a teacher whilst rekindling a hobby in personal and professional development.  Confronted by the immense social challenges that this sector has to face, I started to re-think my interest in social business models. This led to an enrolment with the ILM Executive Coaching course (ILM 7) as I realised I had an opportunity to re-introduce my business background which also led to a training in Spiral Dynamics as a tool for organisational development.


I am qualified as an NLP Master Practitioner and ILM executive coach, and and also qualified in Spiral Dynamics (Level II Practitioner). 

I am currently training in ACE and Reiki/Karuna


Throughout the years I have worked in environmental policy, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and socially responsible asset management (SRI). I have an MBA in Business Administration & Finance and I have worked for academia, not-for-profit think tanks and FTSE 100/350 companies.