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Conscious leadership and Spiral Dynamics

In the world of social enterprises, we need to acquire a combination of skills, talents and thinking. Let's explore this further.
Yellow spiral

When I decided to formulate a concept in my head about ‘conscious leadership’ I asked a number of people what they understood by conscious?

The feedback I received included: 

Being conscious = a greater understanding

In my mind, being conscious of something means developing a greater understanding of something and in professional development that means developing a greater understanding of oneself and one’s own leadership and what it means personally to be a leader.   After all, we are all leaders. Every single one of us leads ourselves each day, and some of us lead others too.

Spiral Dynamics is a way of evaluating different types of leadership. There are many types of leadership and leaders are talented in different ways.

Types of leaders

Blue spiral leaders

There are some amazing blue spiral leaders who are highly moral, ethical, and devoutly religious. 

Green spiral leaders

There are also green spiral leaders who are highly compassionate, empathetic, and supportive.

Orange spiral leaders

And orange spiral leaders who are vastly successful business leaders.

Conscious leadership

In the spiral ‘conscious leadership’ is seen as a form of leadership which combines all of these. This means that social enterprise leaders can benefit from a level of awareness of all spiral values and colours and their personal behaviours in these. They can also benefit from developing a yellow spiral leadership which supports big picture views on problem solving, innovation, creativity, and win-win solutions, including those which apply to sustainability trends.  

One aspect of coaching is helping people to think and understand how they behave in these different ‘colours’.  What environmental challenges do they face and when and how do they respond?  Professional development can support people in changing their thinking and behaviour and can create a shift in values. Spiral Dynamics is just another way of looking at these values and people’s behaviour and reflecting on how we can improve ourselves? 

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