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Diagnostics and Assessment

We use the model of Spiral Dynamics to assess a business managers unique constellation of different value systems.  We look at how these value systems interplay with one another in particular context.  We work with them to consider what values they wish to use to embed a particular culture into an organisation. The values chosen will reflect their own values so they are self-led by them. We then consider how these can drive business decisions throughout the organisation and on an everyday level. It is possible to ‘tweak’ and clear our value conflicts to achieve a desired value constellation.


We use a variation of the model of Spiral Dynamics, developed by Value Match to explain the different values development of people, in organisations. In understanding the different value systems of people, we can understand the implications for our communication and for decision making.  The Value Match model allows a strategy, culture and structural assessment of a business model based on these value systems. This provides insight into the dynamics between strategy, culture and structure.

The Value Match Model can be applied to any type of organisation and can be used to determine and give advice regarding how to develop a healthy strategy, culture and structure.  The Value Match culture instrument is unique because it is also possible to compare current and desired business models, so this gives a clear view of what needs to be done to create an optimal  environment. Ultimately, the Value Match model enables the alignment of leadership, strategy, culture  and structure to create an optimal, integrated and holistic business model.