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Investigating Social Enterprise activity in Nottinghamshire

Is there significant Social Enterprise Activity in Nottinghamshire? Do you know of any existing Social Enterprise Stakeholder Groups in Nottinghamshire?
Investigating Social Enterprise Activity in Nottinghamshire

As a newly registered business with Social Enterprise UK, I have come across the concept of a Social Enterprise Place which is actively promoted and marketed by SEUK. The nomination of a city or town or area to a Social Enterprise Place is based on grounds of this area having significant social enterprise activity. 

In order to ascertain whether or not there is significant Social Enterprise Activity in Nottingham / Nottinghamshire I am making some enquiries and inviting people to consider the prospect of a Social Enterprise Place Stakeholder Group to share knowledge and best practice in social enterprises and encourage support and growth for these enterprises in this area. 

If there is already something similar to this, then I would be pleased to be involved. However, if there isn’t then please can you let me know if you are interested in this idea, so we can access more resources for social enterprises, promote more activities and in general promote social entrepreneurship in the area.

SEUK pioneers these places and Plymouth Social Enterprise Network is one great example.

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