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Leadership Values

Let's look at identifying and fulfilling our values as a leader.
Leadership values
Our values are important to us. Our body holds our values and value systems on a conscious and unconscious level. When these are fulfilled, we are pleased and satisfied with our leadership / work and we experience happiness in our role. We can become very enthused, excited and ‘fired up’ on these values and very driven to deliver.

Fulfilling our value systems

As we are always motivated to be more satisfied, we are naturally driven to fulfil our value systems.  Values therefore determine what:

When they are not fulfilled and / or not supported in the workplace or role, we can experience dissatisfaction and stress and this is unsupportive to the individual and workplace.

Identifying a leader's unique values

When we carry out a values elicitation on a leader, we can identify a leader’s unique values and support them in reflecting on how these values ‘work’ for an individual in the workplace.  We also look at how these values are expressed by an individual and how they know if a value has been met.

We can also see if the corresponding behaviours that support these values are desired or not and if they are associated with positive or negative feelings.  Supporting an individual in moving to a higher energy state by releasing negativity allows an individual to perform better in the workplace and to experience more energy and vitality in their role.

In the same way that significant life events affect our values and priorities, professional development can also support resolution of challenging events, greater focus on values and priorities and improved impact and wellbeing.

To find out more and to request a leadership values elicitation please see our wellbeing program

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