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Business Coaching programme

We enable and empower leaders to move from their current business model to a new vision and model that enhances the impact on both business and social objectives. Adopt a new strategy, structure, and culture, whilst preserving your organisation’s objectives.

Your Investment


Who's it for?

This programme is for business leaders who want to move from their current business model to a new vision and model that enhances the impact on both business and social objectives. 

Programme outcomes

At the end of the programme you will have the skills and confidence to adopt a new strategy, structure, and culture, whilst preserving your organisation’s objectives.

Methodologies used

Over a 6-12 month period we will use the Spiral Dynamics methodology.

Programmes & Pricing

Full Business Coaching Programme

Our tailored business coaching programme is broken down into eight 90-minute sessions.

Programme duration

6-12 months depending on scope and size of organisation.


We recommend completing our Leadership Coaching programme before investing in our Business Coaching programme.


One-off coaching sessions

Top up as and when needed for just £150 for a 90-minute session. 


ValueMatch Reports

Empower your employees, teams and organisation to function better. Explore the dynamics between your people and their workplace with ValueMatch.


Price shown is per person.

What our Business Coaching Programme covers

We will use Spiral Dynamics to align the differing values of people within your organisation, with your leadership and organisational goals.

ILM Level 7 badge for certificate in Leadership & Management

Define core leadership values

Your leadership values represent what is important to you as a leader and will guide and define ethics and decision making within the organisation.

Assess current practices

Using Spiral Dynamics assessments from ValueMatch we’ll assess whether the leadership values match current perceived culture and structure within the organisation and desired culture and structure.

Identify misalignments

Where there are discrepancies between values and behaviours we will work together to improve and adjust so that actions and behaviours are more closely aligned with values. 

Policies, procedures and practices may need to be changed.

Goal setting

We’ll set goals that are in alignment with your organisation’s values.  

This often inspires a new vision, mission and code of conduct.

Create a values-driven culture

We’ll discuss how consistent decision making, championing core values, and measuring and evaluating progress can help you move towards a values-driven culture.

Programme outline

This is an outline of a typical business coaching structure: