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Leadership Coaching programme

We provide tailored leadership coaching packages to guide business leaders through a personal transformational process. Using coaching and self development techniques we help to reposition leaders to a place of improved self awareness, emotional wellbeing and impact. 

Your Investment


Who's it for?

Our Leadership Coaching programme is for business leaders who are ready to embark on a personal transformational process. It’s for people who want to reposition themselves in a place of:

Programme outcomes

We’ll work together to assess and evaluate your current leadership style, and create a positive change through alignment of:

Methodologies used

Over a 3-6 month period we will use the Spiral Dynamics methodology.

Programmes & Pricing

Full Leadership Coaching Programme

Our tailored leadership coaching programme is broken down into eight 90-minute sessions.

Programme duration

3-6 months depending on scope and size of organisation.


There are no pre-requisites. 


One-off coaching sessions

Top up as and when needed for just £150 for a 90-minute session. 


ValueMatch Reports

Empower your employees, teams and organisation to function better. Explore the dynamics between your people and their workplace with ValueMatch.


Price shown is per person.

What our Leadership Coaching Programme covers

We will utilise a values-based leadership model called Spiral Dynamics to complete a value alignment in a leader. This involves a process as follows:

ILM Level 7 badge for certificate in Leadership & Management

Identify the core values of a leader

These values represent what is important to a person, what is meaningful, motivating and a priority

Value, capability & behaviour assessment

Assessing whether the leadership values, capabilities and behaviour are aligned. In other words, do the choices made by that leader have congruence with what they claim has value? Do they walk their talk?

Identify misalignments

Identify and realign where there are discrepancies between values and behaviours. Our techniques can resolve these discrepancies by changing thought patterns, beliefs or resolving conflicts

Goal setting

Setting goals that are in alignment with an leader’s values. This can help to ensure the pursuit of goals is congruent with that is truly important to them. It also inspires a new vision, mission and in general longer term aspirations.

Programme outline

This is an outline of a typical leadership coaching programme: