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Supporting Women in Leadership

Research shows that women have a great deal to offer in there leadership. Our mission is to support women leaders in developing their careers.
Female leader in a coaching session

As I write this, I am deliberating the prospect of setting up Inspired Coaches as a CIC, because I am passionate about offering a level of community benefit and wider public benefit in what I do. 

This has posed the question; what kind of social purpose should Inspired Coaches offer? 

After some reflection, I would like Inspired Coaches to have a focus of supporting women in leadership in social enterprises and in business to have greater social impact. This is close to my own heart.

Research shows that women often have a great deal to offer in there leadership. They demonstrate a high level of emotional self-awareness, empathy, teamwork, enhanced collaboration, fairness and conflict management skills in additional to the technical skills or qualifications they have.

Yet, they have challenges too, particularly if they choose to bring up a family. The core challenge of juggling professional and personal responsibilities is something we all identify with, men as well as women. We share this responsibility. I believe that many talented women choose not to work in the same capacity they left and to take on the same level of challenge in their career after having children or due to personal commitments. I also believe that challenges in the workplace, stress and other factors detract women from fulfilling their true potential.

So Inspired coaches’ social mission is therefore to support women in developing their careers, leadership or other roles, to unlock their true potential, achieve success (as they define it) and generate social impact.

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