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Wellbeing Programmes

A wellbeing program is a non-coaching based client specific session to clear out whatever is stopping you from delivering on your coaching goals. We work on whatever personal changes you want to make, and facilitate the change that you require.

Your Investment


Each session lasts for up to three hours.

Who's it for?

Our wellbeing programs can occur before or after completion of our coaching programs, or they can be stand-alone. If you have personal goals you would like to achieve or your fearful of stepping outside of your comfort zone these wellbeing sessions are for you. A single session has the potential to create a significant impact. We are here to guide and empower you, helping you overcome personal challenges and whatever obstacles may be hindering your progress.

Outcome examples

We’ll work together to create a positive change. Some examples of areas where we can work together include:

Techniques used

We use skills which include professional and personal development techniques such as

Individually, or combined, these techniques will help you to overcome the inhibitions, unwanted feelings, and general barriers holding you back.


I have been fortunate to have distant reiki sessions with Karen over a period of time. Karen explains what shall happen and how Reiki shall work, she is very attentive and makes a point of checking in later on the day.
I have always thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Karen and am left feeling uplifted and peaceful after a session. My last session I felt so much heaviness lift and clarity return.

Extremely grateful to have met Karen and to have been able to experience her special gift.