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Leadership & Business Coaching for Social Enterprise Leaders

Helping leaders in the social enterprise world to adopt a leadership style and business model for maximum financial, social, and environmental impact.

Leadership and Business Coaching programmes

Inspired Coaches specialise in helping business leaders in healthcare, finance, community development, and environmental technology, to through our tailored Leadership and Business Coaching programmes.

Leadership Coaching

We provide tailored leadership coaching packages to guide business leaders through a personal transformational process. Using coaching and self development techniques we help to reposition leaders to a place of improved self awareness, emotional wellbeing and impact. 

Business Coaching

We enable and empower leaders to move from their current business model to a new vision and model that enhances the impact on both business and social objectives. Adopt a
new strategy, structure, and culture, whilst preserving your organisation’s objectives.

Client Feedback

The coaching techniques enabled me to review and assess my values objectively and then using the framework, work with my new team to assess their values and drivers. These insights have enabled me to define tactics and strategies for how I can evolve how I work to maximise the value derived from the team. Likewise, the team can now recognise values and drivers in each other to enable them to maximise or mitigate each other’s contributions.

Become a more conscious leader

Do you struggle to drive change and get results within your organisation?

After working with Inspired Coaches, you’ll be a stronger communicator and have the ability to drive the business forward using a leadership style that works for you.

Ready to own your leadership style and start getting results?

Do you lack purpose, identity, leadership and position within your organisation?
Inspired Coaches helps business leaders to take control of all of these things, and more. Using a variety of powerful professional development techniques, we’ll take you on a transformational journey, from where you are right now, to becoming a more conscious leader that engages and motivates. 

Ready to start getting results?

Speak with Founder of Inspired Coaches, Karen Shaw, to find out how our Leadership and Business Coaching programmes can transform your organisation.